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Welcome to USB Keypads, the easiest way to make custom USB Capacitive Touch Keypads!

Getting started has never been more simple. Send us your keypad design - artwork and we will do the rest! Prototypes using conductive film can be produced digitally by our high speed printed electronics system. Our Fast Touch™ universal electronics bridges the gap between the keypad and USB. Our configuration utility allows us to easily map your new capacitive touch switches to any key on your computer keyboard, joystick, or mouse without writing a single line of code! This provides an accelerated USB keypad development by removing all of the complex software and hardware design requirements. This patent pending process gives our customers the ultimate advantage when it comes to speed of delivery and product development.


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Capacitive Touch Switch Keypads

A capacitive touch keypad consists of one or more capacitive buttons. The capacitive buttons or sensors can be printed on a film using conductive material, or can be copper pads on a printed circuit board. These sensors are connected to the Fast Touch™ IC. When a button is pressed, the IC measures the increase in capacitance and triggers a response. The main advantage of these capacitive touch switches is that there are no mechanical moving parts, which would eventually wear out. These capacitive sensors can be placed underneath any non-conductive overlay material such as AR-1 Acrylic, thick polyester, hardcoated lexan, and ABS Plastic, making them virtually indestructible. This construction is also very easy to clean, which makes it a great choice for medical interface applications.

Our custom capacitive touch keypads can also incorporate the following features:

  • Tactile feedback
  • Audio feedback
  • Selective, or full LED backlighting

  • For more information please e-mail us or give us a call. We will be happy to provide as much design assistance as needed to produce exactly the kind of touch interface you are looking for.

    The following are the two types of capacitive touch interfaces we specialize in:

    • Film based Capacitive keypads
    • PCB based Capacitive keypads

    A film based capacitive keypad has capacitive buttons/sensors on a thin film with a tail, which must connect to the driver electronics via a ZIF connector. Our rapid prototype process uses film based keypads because we can digitally print the conductive circuit layer as well as the graphics. This keypad can then be driven by our universal driver electronics. This provides an accelerated capacitive keypad development by removing all of the complex software and hardware design requirements. This patent pending process gives our customers the ultimate advantage when it comes to speed of delivery and product development.

    In a PCB based capacitive keypad, the capacitive touch sensors are copper pads on a PCB. There is no need for a ZIF connector in this kind of design since the capacitive touch buttons can directly be connected to our Fast Touch™ IC. Both Film and PCB based capacitive keypads can be constructed with or without a graphic overlay. They can be mounted behind any non-conductive material such as a clear polycarbonate, or acrylic. Although we focus on the film based capacitive touch technology, our design partner, Blue Sparq, Inc. can help design your PCB-based Capacitive Keypads using the Fast Touch™ IC. If you prefer to integrate our Fast Touch™ IC into your own main PCB due to space constraints, we recommend our fee-based consultation that makes this integration of the Fast Touch™ IC fast and easy.

    Let us configure your USB Capacitive Touch Keypad

    The combination of our experience with capacitive touch switch technology and our knowledge of USB device design has created a brand new interest in our products and services.

    You no longer have to know anything about USB stacks or HID drivers. You don’t even have to write a single line of code. With our easy to use configuration utility, we can map any of your custom capacitive touch buttons to any key on your computer keyboard, numeric keypad or even your computer joystick. You can make a totally custom computer interface without writing any custom software! Just think about all the great things you can do with this! You can directly interface your custom keypad or control panel to your computer to control existing computer applications or your own custom computer software.



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